International masters in trumpet with emphasis on orchestral training

Co-operation between the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Aim of Studies

An international, cultural environment asks for „globalised musicians“. Already during their studies, students should seek experiences from different cultural contexts that can contribute to their artistic development.

Trumpet professors Frits Damrow (Conservatorium van Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and Wolfgang Guggenberger (Staatliche Musikhochschule Trossingen, Germany) have developed a concept for a co-operative international Master’s study. It will help students prepare for the challenges of the international orchestra environment.

For many years, Prof. Frits Damrov and Prof. Wolfgang Guggenberger have worked together closely and successfully. They share the same view on methods of technique fort he trumpet but have different fields of experiences on account of musicality and style.

Places to study and teachers to study with

The Master’s study will be absolved in both the Netherlands (Conservatorium van Amsterdam) and in Germany (Staatliche Musikhochschule Trossingen).

The teachers responsible are Prof. Frits Damrow (Amsterdam) and Prof. Wolfgang Guggenberger (Trossingen).

Students will also receive tuition from top orchestral musicians, as well as mental trainers and orchestra managers.

Study possibilities

The new Master’s study lays emphasis on a practical orientation. Students will be trained through courses and projects offered by both schools, to cope with the everyday challenges of the music profession. They supplement the regular fields of study: instrumental major, playing in orchestras and chamber music.

• Audition training

Students will be prepared for auditions by playing audition repertoire for a committee consisting of trumpet players from leading orchestras. They will be judged according to the rules of a real audition. Afterwards, they will receive further musical coaching and mental training. The audition simulation may then be repeated, in order to enable students to show what they have learned. In that way, students can prepare systematically and continually for audition situations.

• Workshops with orchestral musicians

In addition, workshops will be given by orchestral musicians, in which they will share their experiences with particular aspects of orchestra playing, such as: „The skills of a 2nd trumpet player“ – „Being a principal trumpet player“ – „The trumpet in an opera orchestra“ – „Contemporary orchestra repertoire“.

• Practical experiences

Students will be given the opportunity to sit in the orchestra during rehearsals with international, leading orchestras. In addition, they can get an interesting view on orchestral management.

The following orchestras take part in the course:

  • Amsterdam: Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
  • Trossingen: Orchester der Staatsoper Stuttgart
  • SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg
  • Radio Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart

• Orchestra repertoire and practicalities of daily orchestra routine

In this seminar, students will be given an overview of orchestra repertoire under the aspect of national orchestra traditions. Interpretations of orchestras from different countries and cultures will be compared, thus broadening the student’s musical scope and helping them to develop an individual sense of style.

In the second part of the seminar, an orchestra manager will show the practical aspects of orchestra life: the formalities of applying for an audition, contract law, cultural management etc.

• Electives

The following courses are optional:

Both places of study:

- The natural trumpet in orchestra repertoire from the classical and romantical period
- Piccolo trumpet and/or cornet


- Project with an ensemble for contemporary music in Amsterdam
- Jazz Improvisation


- Singing for instrumentalists
- Workshop with an instrument maker for brass instruments

• Mental Training / Performance training

Techniques to prevent stress and stage fright

Overview: International Masters in trumpet

Pre-conditions: Bachelor of Music or a comparable degree

Duration and places to study:

  • 2 years
  • The course will be offered in equal parts in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Trossingen (Germany)


  • Private tuition
  • Orchestral studies
  • Piano accompaniment
  • Orchestra
  • Chamber music
  • Audition training
  • Mental training
  • Workshops with specific aspects of an orchestra
  • Practical experiences
  • Orchestra repertoire and daily orchestra routine

Entrance exam:

  • A concerto, relevant for an audition
  • A concerto of your own choice
  • Three orchestra excerpts of different characters
  • Sight reading

Completion: Master of Music

Contact and application:

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Fax: +49-7425-939148

Conservatorium van Amsterdam
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