INFORMATION on the entrance examination for the winter semester 2020/2021

The entrance examination for a place at the Hochschule für Musik Trossingen takes place in two phases: in a pre-selection you have the opportunity to submit a video file with a personal, uncut musical presentation according to the requirements of your course of study to the commission for assessment. The commission will then make a recommendation for participation in the second phase of the entrance examination or inform you that you are not recommended to continue the application procedure. The second phase takes place in Trossingen for applicants with a recommendation.


Create a video with a musical performance, duration approx. 15 minutes, according to the requirements of your entrance examination (see matriculation statutes). If it is not possible to create a video, you can alternatively create an audio file.

Upload the video to an accessible cloud (One Drive, Dracoon, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Youtube, Vimeo etc.)

Create a share link for the video file and test this share link on another device or with another person.

Go to the homepage of the Hochschule für Musik and fill out the form for the pre-selection for the application procedure: form

Make sure that the correct link is given in the form and that all fields are filled in!

Send the form. After submitting the form, a new internet page will appear confirming that the data has been received. A copy of the submitted data will not be sent to you. Please make sure that the completely filled out form (with a link to a video file) has been sent by 15 June 2020 at the latest. We ask for your understanding that links received later cannot be considered.

Approximately 20 days after sending the form, you will be informed whether you are recommended to participate in the second phase of the application procedure in Trossingen or whether you are advised to withdraw your application.

If you withdraw your application by 10 July due to the current corona situation or on the basis of a recommendation by the Commission, this will not be considered an attempt. However, we ask for your understanding that a refund of the processing fee already paid is not possible.

The entrance examination for the second phase will take place in Trossingen in the period 20-25.7.2020 (for lute, trombone, violin and viola mid of September 2020). Please come to the entrance examination only if you have received a recommendation based on your video file at the end of June.