Connections Airports

Airport Stuttgart

Lines and interchange stations:

The Stuttgart Central Railway Station (Hauptbahnhof) is part of the ICE, EC and IC network and located in the centre of the city. You can continue your journey from the airport to the Hauptbahnhof with the municipal rail lines (S-Bahn) S2 or S3 (no changes necessary). From Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof to Rottweil – (Trossingen/Staatsbahnhof) – Trossingen/Stadt
Travelling time: 2-3 hours

Airport Zürich

Train station directly at the airport

Lines and interchange stations:
or: Zürich/Flughafen – (Zürich/Oerlikon) – Winterthur – Schaffhausen – Singen – Donaueschingen – (Trossingen/Staatsbahnhof) – Trossingen/Stadt
Travelling time: 2,5 to 3,5 hours

Airport Friedrichshafen

Train stop directly opposite the airport terminal

Lines and interchange stations:
Friedrichshafen/Flughafen – Singen – Villingen – (Trossingen/Staatsbahnhof)-Trossingen/Stadt
or: Friedrichshafen/Flughafen – Friederichshafen/Stadt-Radolfszell – Donaueschingen-(Trossingen/Staatsbahnhof) – Trossingen/Stadt
Travelling time: 2,5 to 3,5 hours

Airport Basel

Lines and interchange stations:
Basel/Flughafen – Basel Hauptbahnhof – Zürich Hauptbahnhof – Rottweil – Trossingen/Staatsbahnhof – Trossingen/Stadt
Travelling time (with the fastest connection) 3 hours 49 minutes
Baden-Württemberg ticket is valid if no IC connections are used

Airport Strasbourg

Lines and interchange sations:
Entzheim Aeroport – Strasbourg – Offenburg – Villingen – Trossingen/Staatsbahnhof – Trossingen/Stadt
Travelling time 2 hours 45 minutes