Mailing Address of the Academy
Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen
Schultheiss-Koch-Platz 3
D-78647 Trossingen Germany
Phone: ++49 7425 94910
Fax: ++49 7425 949148
e-Mail: rektorat[at]  

Get in touch with the following…

…for information on the Academy:

…for information regarding your completed application:
Prüfungsamt (Examination Office),
Martina Lenke  

…for advisory service:
The heads of the course committees
or the instructors of the desired fields  

…for information on the Erasmus Exchange Program:
Erasmus Office, Birgit Hermle-Marquart

…for California State University exchange programs:
Professor James Creitz   

…for information on curriculums:
Early Music and related fields: altemusik[at]
Other courses and further training: presse[at]

All of these can also be contacted via the academy’s postal address (see above).