California State University

Exchange Program California State University (CSU) / Oregon University System (OUS) - Trossingen

Applications deadline for incoming students of the CSU and the OUS: January 31st

Application requirements: recording (link to 3 pieces of 3 epochs, about 15 minutes) and CV

All incoming students of the CSU and the OUS are invited to apply for a Baden-Württemberg-grant on Application deadline for the grant is March 31st.

Contact for all applicants: see International office

Information for incoming students:

The long-standing exchange agreement between the CSU system and the German state of Baden Wuerttemberg, administrated by CSU International Programs, was opened up to music and other subjects in 1996. Since then this program was expanded to include some of the finest institutions in Baden-Wuerttemberg, and the University of Music Trossingen (see About Us) was selected when CSU’s applied music partner in Southwest Germany. IP (International Programs) is in a position to facilitate your exchange and arrange details such as transfer credits.

This program allows CSU music (undergraduate and graduate) students to attend a conservatory-style musical institution for one year. As Trossingen is a purely musical institution, any requirements you may have outside of music cannot be fulfilled here. Musically speaking, however, Trossingen offers a broad spectrum of musical curriculum and all of these credits may be transferred to your CSU transcripts. Hence, we recommend this program to Juniors who have fulfilled most of their GE requirements.

This program requires at least one year of college-level German at your home campus. In addition the State of Baden Wuerttemberg offers, free of charge, an intensive 6-8 week German course in the summer preceding your exchange. This generally takes place in August-September in Germany.

The costs of this program rarely exceed your normal tuition costs at your home institution. Often, the reasonable housing costs in Trossingen offset the travel costs exchange students incur. If you receive financial aid, you may usually take this with you.

For more information, consult our Frequently Asked Questions and your IP Coordinator in the International Services or Foreign Studies Office on your home campus. Your campus coordinator will guide you through the application procedure.

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