Since 1995 the University of Music Trossingen has taken part in the ERASMUS Programme of the European Union to contribute to the constantly changing  approach to the academic field in Europe. The programme allows an exchange for students and teachers with a university of music within the European Union.

We offer places for ERASMUS studies (SMS) for all classic instruments and music design (1st, 2nd and 3rd study cyle).

We also organize teacher and staff exchanges for incomings and outgoings for master classes, research or job shaddowing (STA1, STA2; STT).

ERASMUS placements for incomings (SMP) are NOT offered any more.

ERASMUS Study in Trossingen: please see page "Information for students"


The dates of our academic year:

Winter semester lessons from beginning of October until end of February 
Summer semester lessons from April until end of July.