Other exchanges / DAAD

We support all students interested in an exchange worldwide by providing contacts and information.

Students from the Tongji University are asked to send thier application until March 31st latest.

Application requirements: link to a recording (3 pieces, 3 epochs, 15 minutes alltogether), CV and proof of English or German language knowledge (B1).

The students may also apply for a Baden-Württemberg-scholarship on www.bw-stipendium.de. Application deadline for the scholarship is March 31st.


Free movers

International students applying for a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) or a Fulbright scholarship are welcome to apply for a place in Trossingen. We ask them to send their CV and a recording/CD to the International Office of the University.
Application deadline is April 30rd.


Conatct for all applicants: see International office