The Rhythmics Artist Diploma

Requires an undergraduate degree in rhythmics

The program consists of four semesters. Students are entitled to the following:

  • individual guidance for art projects (2 hours per week)
  • private lessons in instrumental improvisation (1.5 or 1 hour per week)
  • elocution lessons (artistic use of voice and language; 1 hour per week)
  • drama and design theory (seminar)

Students may exchange these specialized sessions for regular lessons or for a compact seminar, as agreed upon by the responsible faculty member. Entrance examinations are held every semester. The registration deadline for the summer semester is November 15th, the registration deadline for the winter semester is April 15th (date of receipt of the application). Private consultation is recommended.

During your period of studies, the University and the Rhythmics department also offer the following:

  • a well-equipped concert and performance hall with professional lighting and audio systems
  • participation in other group courses, in particular, in-motion techniques, motion theory, percussion, rhythmics, improvisation, and design
  • a key role in realizing art projects (co-productions with other university programs, rhythmicals, assistant production, rehearsal direction, choreography)
  • supervision of individual projects by additional qualified teachers (composing, recording, historical dancing, etc.)
  • participation in projects with the jazz/pop-music department
  • assistance in finding live performance opportunities