Soloist Course (postgraduate soloist performance program)

This course is only eligible for students who have finished a performance degree and passed the entrance exam held before a jury of Trossingen University of Music professors.

The postgraduate performance program is restricted to exceptionally talented students. The program emphasises on repertoire studies, preparing students for entering into the performing concert life, and on participation in competitions. Next to concentrating on the chosen major subject, an increased ability to work independantly is expected from students.

  • Prescribed time period: two academic years
  • Final examination: Solistische Ausbildung
  • Beginning of studies: winter or summer semester

Major subjects:

  • instruments
  • instruments (early music)
  • piano (chamber music)
  • chamber music for set ensembles
  • Art song accompaniment (piano)
  • voice
  • voice (early music)
  • conducting (orchestra)
  • conducting (choir)


Two hours of lessons per week are to be scheduled.

Entrance exam:

You can find information about the entrance exam in the Infothek für Bewerber – Aufnahmeprüfung 

Prof. Peter Nelson
head of the student’s committee