Entrance examination

As soon as your application has been received and processed, you will receive an invitation to take the entrance exam. We will inform you about the exact examination date approximately two weeks in advance.

Each course and subject has its own specific entrance examination requirements.

The entrance exam measures the artistic aptitude of the applicant in the chosen course of study. It consists of an exam in the main subject as well as additional exams depending on the chosen program.

Recognition of earlier examinations

Applicant who can prove having studied music theory, ear training or other relevant subjects on equivalent level may be exempted of these parts of the entrance exam. The decision is made by the Audition committee.


Each part of the exam is assessed as follows

  • excellent (24-19 points)
  • pass (18-9 points)
  • fail (8-0 points)

The entrance exam is passed when each part is evaluated worth minimum 9 points.

The entrance exam of a Post Grad course is passed when the average of the exams is evaluated as passed.

The validity of the entrance exam

If the candidate who has successfully passed the entrance exam decides not to start his/her studies immediately the place will be saved fo 3 more examinations (2 years in total). During this time the candidate is allowed to start his/her studies at the beginning of an semester. Of the entrance exam is re-taken, the result of the latest examination will be the only valid one. The re-examination mus cover all parts of the entrance exam.

If you are unable to take the entrance exam, please inform the examination office in writing in due time, otherwise the result of the entrance exam will be "not passed".