À tre - and the winners are...

1st Prize: "Trio Otono" - € 4500 plus recording with the SWR
Keiki Shichijo (fortepiano), Yukie Yamaguchi (violin) and Gideon den Herder (violoncello)

2nd Prize: "Les Ombres" - € 3000 (co-sponsored by Rotary Villingen-Schwenningen Mitte)
Sylvain Sartre (traverso), Margaux Blanchard (viola da gamba) and Nadja Lesaulnier (harpsichord)

3rd Prize: "Trio Hauptfisch" - € 1500 (sponsored by Stiftungen Landesbank Baden-Württemberg)
Ivan Bushuev (flute), Anna Gavrilova (violoncello) and Alexandra Nepomnyashchaya (fortepiano)

The Members of the 2nd ROUND

"Trio Otono", "Ensemble Amaranthos", "Ensemble Fluentem", "Trio Tornare", "Les Ombres", "Trio Vivace", "Hauptfisch Trio", "Les Crinolines", "Haagsche Hofmuzieck"

Winners and jury

Early Music Competition À Tre

À tre was a competition for students of all Early Music Study Programmes, organized by the Institute of Early Music of the University of Music Trossingen (Germany) previous to the AEC Congress “HIP today”.

In order to involve the next generation of professional musicians in the discussions of the 1st Early Music Congress of the AEC, “Historically informed Performance today”, the Institute of Early Music of the University of Music Trossingen invited all students in Early Music from around the world to participate and present themselves in a chamber music competition from January 19th to 23rd 2009, in Trossingen (Germany). The central themes of the competition was the quality of ensemble playing and in dealing with the many questions of the Historically Informed Performance. In addition to the prices the winner will receive a recording with the SWR.

"À tre"

Definition : all repertoire for 3 composed voices, from 1550 until 1800, played / sung by at least 3 musicians on 3 instruments / singers or more.


-Songs for 3 Singers or
-Cantatas for 1 singer, 1 solo-instrument, and bass instrument(s) or
-Trio-sonatas or
-Early classical Trio etc.

The emphasis of the competition lays in “historical performance practise” abilities and in quality of ensemble playing. Therefore, appropriate instruments are required: the jury does not accept modernized instruments. Stringed instruments should be played with gut strings.


Anton Steck, President of the Jury - Violin (Trossingen)
Claire Chevallier - Fortepiano (Brussels)
Barthold Kuijken - Flute (The Hague / Brussels)
Jaap ter Linden - Violoncello, Viola da Gamba (The Hague)
Jesper Christensen - Harpsichord, Basso Continuo (Basel)
Dagmar Munck-Sandner - SWR Public Radio (Stuttgart)


1st Prize € 4500,- & a recording by the SWR
2nd Prize € 3000,- - co-sponsored by Rotary Villingen-Schwenningen Mitte
3rd Prize € 1500,- - sponsored by Stiftungen Landesbank BW


A program of 1 hour duration should be prepared, of which the participating ensemble can choose a piece for the first round. The duration of the presentation in the preliminary round will be 10 minutes.

- The preliminary round will be held on Monday, the 19th and Tuesday, the 20th of January 09.
- The second round will be held on Wednesday, the 21st of January 09.
- The final round will be held on Thursday, the 22nd of January 09.

The prizes will be awarded in a final concert on Friday, the 23th of January 09. This concert will be broadcasted by the SWR.

Partners of the Competition are:

- The „Südwestrundfunk“ (SWR)
- Stiftung Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
- Rotary Club Villingen-Schwenningen-Mitte
- Hypo Real Estate Stiftung


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